I need you,Shades!!

Who doesnt love Sunglasses??

Raybans, I have them and I love them.   Now I’m lusting for these :

I’m madly in love with Gucci GG2909/S double bridge aviator.

❤ The iconic Gucci GG 2909/S double-bridge aviator features an Eighties retro sensibility with its slender elongated lens shape and metal Gucci script logo on the lower left portion of the lens….

It’s $258, can afford to buy one but no fine stores in my country that sell one! 😦 Can buy it online but I’ve never shoped online either <haha> and I need to try it on and see it in front of my own eyes<in my hands> before I buy it. lol


Victoria Beckham VB0022 

The curved arms and metal frames makes it look so

glamorous and sexy.

£325.00,thats the only part that makes it unsexy. 


Victoria Beckham VB0072 .

I really love the  flat top and square lenses.

Victoria Beckham,


So I’d rather opt for these cool RETROSUPERFUTURE SHADES.I’m a big fan of WAYFARERS.And Wayfarers with flat top, damn I fell in love with it the moment  i saw it <i.e. in pictures ,online> haha Like I said before I want it in my hands.  -.-

Cool,isn’t it?


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