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Earthquake Rocks Nepal.

An earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale shook eastern parts of Nepal including Kathmandu Valley(where I reside) and northeastern India  yesterday evening.It was the most shaky and strong tremor I’ve (most Nepalis) experienced until now. It was around 6:30 evening when the tremors were felt, it lasted for about a minute..I was at a shop 5 mins far from my home with my mom.There’s no doubt about how scared we were but me and my mum’s concern was my bro who was alone at home.He’s 16, I mean old enough to get himself to a secure place( left us scared cos he was alone and we thought he’d panic).When we reached home, he was fine, standing out waiting for us. aw. And love for Gyaltsen who managed to call me even during the

During the tremor,I was scared(obviously) and it felt like my heart was pumping in my mouth.There were hardly 5-6 people near the shop but as soon as the tremor started being felt, about a hundred swarmed out of their houses to the nearby open field.To see a huge crowd swarming in the spot where there were hardly 5-6 people a few seconds ago was really surprising.I never imagined such a huge crowd would emerge all of a sudden from comparatively thin settled area.Panic stricken people were screaming and crying and jumped here and there.That particular moment left me, in fact everyone to realize  how important life is to us. Also ridiculed to see some people panic soo much they almost fainted cos of panic-attack.We hurried home and tried contacting our dear ones,but the phone networks were jammed cos every individual was doing what we were doing.After the earthquake I was left imagining how the situation would be in places like Ason (one of the most congested place in Kathmandu).The imagination turned really scary when my dad and uncle told us later at night how the chandelier in a building of Thaiti, Thamel (also one of the congested place) swayed like a pendulum.Geez, and there was hardly any secure place to run to with a huge huge crowd and old buildings all around that left them thinking ‘Ok we’re done today’. But they came safe! 🙂 Thank God!

According to the news, the residents were tormented by the quake that rocked the city.It caused a lot of damages.Some people even jumped in panic, out of their windows to be safe  die .13 died in India and  5 in Nepal. 😦 May their souls Rest In Peace.

Lesson Learned :Maybe a signal of 2012? lol.. Please Panic less during such calamities and help yourself to a secure place.Stay safe! But remember no man can run from mother nature’s calamity if the situation gets worse.